Newsletter December 2021

Leslie Thomas, MBA, CPA Chief Financial Officer

MSHN's Finance Team is working on an FY 2022 Budget Amendment to be presented during the January
2022 Board of Directors’ Meeting. MSHN’s typical process includes presentation of the current 
fiscal year’s amended budget and the upcoming fiscal year’s original budget during September’s 
Board Meeting. As previously reported, MDHHS disseminated the final Rate Certification letter later 
than usual which resulted in MSHN developing fiscal assumptions for the FY 22 budget. Our new rate 
estimates indicate a significant revenue increase which will likely be offset by higher CMHSP 
spending especially related to staff retention efforts. In addition, the final Rate Certification 
and FY 22 MDHHS payments have provided additional information on the impact of Certified Community 
Behavioral Health Center (CCBHC) revenue. CCBHC demonstration sites are The Right Door, Community 
Mental Health Authority of Clinton, Eaton and Ingham Counties, and Saginaw Community Mental Health, 
and each are at different phases of the certification and implementation process, although CCBHC 
funding was disbursed by MDHHS beginning in October 2021.

In addition, Finance is working on fiscal reconciliation and other key business processes related 
to CCBHC. This work is being developed as we move throughout the fiscal year and receive updated 
guidance from MDHHS regarding reporting expectations. Lastly, MSHN has developed a process for 
tracking PIHP staff time involved with CCBHC. This tracking will allow MSHN to accurately report 
whether or not the nominal administration funding calculated by MDHHS will cover associated PIHP expenses.
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