Compliance Plan

The Compliance Plan is prepared as a good-faith effort to summarize MSHN’s rules, policies and procedures. To the extent that the Plan conflicts with, or misstates any applicable law or regulation, the law takes precedence.

The purpose of the Compliance Plan is to provide the framework for MSHN to comply with applicable laws, regulations and program requirements.  The overall key principles of the Compliance Plan are to:

  1. Minimize organizational risk and improve compliance with billing requirements of Medicare, Medicaid, and all other applicable federal health programs.
  2. Maintain adequate internal controls (paying special attention to identified areas of risk).
  3. Reduce the possibility of misconduct and violations through prevention and early detection.
  4. Being proactive in Compliance to reduce exposure to civil and criminal sanctions.
  5.  Encourage the highest level of ethical and legal behavior from all employees, contractual providers, and board members.
  6. Educate employees, contractual providers, board members and stakeholders of their responsibilities and obligations to comply with applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations including credentialing requirements, as well as accreditation standards.
  7. Promote a clear commitment to compliance by taking actions and showing good faith efforts to uphold such laws, regulations, and standards.